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Blurry Navy Tapir - Information Hotspot score:
Hotspot is online: 10pts
Relay status unknown: 0pts
Transmit scale 1.0: 20pts
No witnesses: 0pts

Total score: 30pts

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Currently online
Location: Nelson, Richmond, Nelson-Tasman
Hotspot type: Linxdot
Antenna gain: 3dBi
Elevation from ground level: 2m
Registered on: 2022-08-27
Active for 284 days

Maximum witnesses: 5
Transmit scale: 1.0
Total rewards: 16.80 HNT ($39.48)
Average reward per day: 0.06 HNT ($0.14)
Last 24 hours rewards: 0.00 HNT ($0.00)

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Little Blue LlamaonlineRichmondRichmondTasmanLinxdot34.65 HNT$81.4305.8dBi5m2022-08-18

Blurry Navy Tapir - Activity log (24h)

Date & TimeWitnessedRewards total
No data available

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Blurry Navy Tapir - Activity log (14 days)

DateWitnessedRewards totalRewards per day
No data available

Witnessed graph over the last 14 days

Daily rewards graph over the last 14 days

Blurry Navy Tapir - Witnessed (all time)

Blurry Navy Tapir0Nelson, Richmond, Nelson
Attractive Tangerine Millipede15.4kmNelson, Todds Valley, Nelson
Swift Mango Copperhead2.2kmRichmond, Richmond, Tasman
Raspy Blush Mole1.5kmStoke, Richmond, Tasman
Little Blue Llama1.0kmRichmond, Richmond, Tasman
Calm Burlap Tiger9.8kmThe Wood, Nelson, Nelson
Custom Paisley Walrus1.9kmRichmond, Richmond, Tasman
Quick Charcoal Aardvark2.9kmStoke, Nelson, Nelson
 8 all time witnessed.

* witness and rewards statistics are updated roughly every two hours

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